Once again, our school has hosted one of the most important educational events in Lebanon and the Middle East.

On Friday, May 16, 2014, Dhour El Shweir Public Secondary School was chosen to cast the launching of the creative device called Raspberry Pi. We were granted 30 pieces of this device last year. For those who are not familiar with the Raspberry Pi, it is a small device (the size of a cellular phone) that enables students to learn how to create their own computer programs and use them in almost all school subjects. There is no limit to what learners will be able to create.

What is so interesting is that our students and computer teacher were able to work the device without any professional training. They were able to create new programs successfully with curiosity and enthusiasm. So our school was chosen as the first in Lebanon and the Middle East to use this invention, and we were the hosts of this important launching event.

Many significant guests attended this event, such as His excellency, the Minister of Education and Higher Education, Mr. Elias Bou Saab, Director of Secondary Education, Mr. Mouhieddine Kishly (and his staff), Founder and President of Global Telecom Women's Network, Ms. Candace Johnson, Representative for UNICEF Lebanon, Ms. Annamaria Laurini (and UNICEF staff directors), Acting Mission Director for USAID, Ms. Gail Spence, President of Center for Education Research and Development, Dr. Leila Maliha Fayyad (and her team), Mayor of Dhour El Shwier, Mr. Habib Mjaess, and المختارةMs. Michline Mjaess, Department Directors, NGO's, and others. This is in addition to principals and students from private and public schools and universities.

The program included speeches from the Minister, Ms. Candace Johnson, James Cranwell-Ward, Ms. Eliane Metni, our principal Ms. Sabah Mjaess, and our student Youmna Slaiby. It also included student testimonials about the Raspberry Pi, student demos and an open lab where they showed other students and guests how to use the device. Refreshments and a buffet followed. The OTV was the covering television station.

There was also a very special surprise for our students: scholarships for 20 students to learn and train on the device during the summer!

I can truly say that the event was a success, not just because of the positive comments from everyone, but from the smiles on everyone's faces.