Barcelona! What a city!

For the 5th year in a row, our school has proudly been chosen by the Microsoft Corporation, as one of 80 schools from around the world, to participate in the annual Microsoft Global Forum, and this year to participate as a Mentor School.

This year, this exciting event was held in Barcelona, Spain. The participants from our school were Ms. Sabah Mjaess, Mr. Rabih Baaklini, and Ms. Hiba Elia. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel and conferences were held at the famous CCIB conference center for 4 days.

This experience was one of a kind! There were around 1000 people at the event. We attended conferences, workshops, speeches and presentations given by some of the most famous educators, business people and politicians, such as Anthony Salcito (Executive President of Microsoft in Education) and the Spanish Prince Phelipe.

The main topic, among many others at the event, was about using technology and modern tools in education. We were introduced to the most recent tools at the Technology Showcase and were able to work with extraordinary people on important educational subjects.

A very fruitful part of the event was the opportunity to meet other school leaders and educators from all around the world, and exchange information and teaching experiences.

I personally had the chance to meet with school leaders from places like Chili, USA, Portugal, Poland, Nigeria, and others. The educator from Nigeria was very interested in our school. We are still in contact and hopefully will be able to connect our schools and give our students the chance to meet each other. I'm very eager to see where this may lead!

Most importantly, Dhour El Shweir Public Secondary School was able to distinguish itself and show its potential at the Forum. It's true that we didn't win at the Pitch Competition, but once Anthony Salcito saw our video for the competition, he was so amazed that he decided to take it with him to his next Microsoft conference in Singapore and make it part of his Presentation there. He also promised us that there would be media coverage at the event. So lets hope for the best!

That's not all, but that's all for now. So stay tuned for more news about the trip.

Yours truly, Hiba