We are the champions!!!...again!!!

The journey began about 5 months ago, when a group of our intelligent students took the decision to dare themselves and build a robot for entering the VEX Robotics competition, calling themselves the "Roboholic Team".

Aghapios Bou Ghosn, Gilles El Akl, Charbel Bou Farhat, Carlos Bou Ghosn, Emilio El Murr, and Ian Saba, along with our Physics teacher/Supervisor Haitham El Hachem made up the excellent team that would go on to win the Middle Eastern Competition.

This competition, held by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, along with the International VEX company, was welcomed by our students who had the determination and faith in themselves that they could accomplish something so challenging.

But their hard work paid off. These 7 energetic gentlemen were more than willing to stay in school after school hours, late nights, and even work on Saturdays to get their robot done.

They researched, worked as a team, and through trial and error, accomplished a one-of-a-kind project; a robot with international characteristics that the students programmed to travel through obstacles, pick up balls, throw them into cylinders, and much more. It is controlled by a remote joystick that the students programed themselves, too.

On Saturday, June 14, 2014, the VEX Robotics Competition was held at the Ministry of Education in Beirut. We were the only school among competing universities, and the only Lebanese team. After showing off their robot, collecting points at the obstacle course, explaining and answering questions by the international judges, our team was able to collect more points than any other competitor, that is, even more than the competing universities whose robots had more sophisticated qualifications.

Our team won Tournament Championship Award of the Middle East. WOOOHHOOOO!!!

What more can I say??? Hiba.