“Shine bright like a diamond” is a perfect statement to describe our school’s presence at the Microsoft Global Forum this year. We are proud to say that we truly shined as a Showcase School and proved our position among international schools- represented by our principal Ms. Sabah Mjaess, IT Manager Mr. Rabih Baaklini, and Expert Educator Ms. Hiba Elia.
     The Global Forum was held this year in Dubai on February 22nd and 23rd. As usual, leading schools and organizations from all over the world participated in conferences and workshops held by experts in education from Microsoft and other famous companies. 
Dhour Shweir Public Secondary School occupied a great position in the forum by actively participating in discussions, and more importantly, through our energetic principal Ms. Sabah Mjaess, who had been invited to speak as one of the panelists in the schools’ interventions and testimonials. As a speaker and school leader, Ms. Sabah influenced the huge audience with her powerful presence and the eye-catching animated presentation done by our IT Manager, Rabih Baaklini. She was the only panelist who refused to speak on stage, but instead, stood among the audience to tell everyone about our innovative school and its achievements. She left the floor to let the pictures of our students and staff shine brightly on stage. 
Ms. Sabah also distinguished herself and our school when she got the chance to be interviewed by the known Vice President of Microsoft in Education, Mr. Anthony Salcito. It was not new to him to hear about our school’s accomplishments, yet he was still astounded by how far this public school has reached and the yet-to-come ambitious goals we have in mind. 
     We are surely grateful for the chances we are being given to shine, and we recognize that they are continuous sparks feeding our flames of motivation.