Last school year (2013-2014), some teachers from 15 select schools decided to start a program called Teaching Divided Histories, where students will get to know more about select countries and their trial with the civil rights movement.

Dhour Shweir Official Secondary School chose to take Irish conflict, especially in Northern Ireland and try and establish a link to Lebanese conflict. Even though the link was not obvious, the students of Grade 11 Scientific-English section, came up with 3 posters to voice out their opinions about the rights that Lebanese people have, or had.

On the day of the project presentations, Youmna, Julian, and Ryan, 3 of the students who worked on the project last year in class, went and participated in the conference. There they showed their posters in a power point presentation, and explained to those who asked what the link was, and what was so interesting in the new experience they had had throughout this project.