They've Done It Again!
     The Raspberry Pi Team at Dhour Shweir Public Secondary School have done it again! Their genius idea started in December of 2014,  when they decided on a project of running traffic lights using a program done with Raspberry Pi. Next, they turned their idea into something tangible by making a lively colorful maquette (or model) of their project that consisted of the Dhour Shweir town square, the suggested traffic lights, and all other streets, houses, buildings, trees, etc. Then they connected the led lights and one Raspberry Pi to it. The team's maquette was so interesting that it got to be the opening project at the UK Tech Hub. The project became very popular, under the coaching and supervision of IEA (International Education Association). 
Shortly after, it became inevitable that this project should become reality. For the sake of the town's people and their safety on the roads, the traffic lights were built and put in the town's square on 30,08,2015. 
Our students will never seize to make us proud. What an achievement!