Dear students , this year for the first time in Lebanon as a public school all the exams will be enrolled on the tablets delivered and donated by USAID.

Don't get confused or afraid , the task is simple and easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. When you enter the class, your tablet will be powered on , and ready on your desk .
  2. First of all you need to unlock the tablet . You will see the following lock screen image : (See Picture Below)

3.  After swiping up and unlocking the tablet check the WiFi connectivity : (See Picture Below)?
     ***Note that the WiFi will be limited and it will be needed only once in the morning*** 

4. Enter the user name and password written on your desk under your name : 

5. After logging in you be directed to the desktop as a regular pc - laptop : (See Picture Below)

6. On the desktop you will notice 2 files : as an example in the below images we logged in with Grade 7 user so we are seeing G7-exams  and Get My exams.

  • In order to start your exam , you need to double tap (with your finger) on "Get My Exam" file on the desktop. It will automatically transfer your exams according to your schedule (from 8:00-11:00) and your folder will automatically open to start with your exam. (See Picture Below)
Screenshot (5) - Copy.png

7. When you open your exam it will be full screen and you can rotate the tablet to fit your need during the exam. Check out a sample of Geography exam opened full screen on the tablet. Note that you can zoom in and out as much as you need and also scroll up and down as much as you want.

8. At the end as you will notice the exam will destroy itself according to a scheduled time and you will open the next exam according to your exam schedule.


Kindly note that YOU MUST RESPECT THE EXAM SCHEDULE in order not to waste time.